KIIT World School


"Play is the answer to how anything new comes about."
                            Jean  Piaget

Upcoming Events

  • Investiture Ceremony July 2018
  • Sanskriti Inter school Event August 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting(Kindergarten) 18th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (I & II) 19th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (III- V) 21st May, 2018
  • HHS Food Cafe 19th& 21st May, 2018
  • Red Color Day Celebration 11th May, 2018
  • Rain Dance (Kindergarten) 13th & 25th July
  • Yellow Color Day Celebration 20th July, 2018
  • Green Color Day Celebration 17th August, 2018
  • Blue Color Day Celebration 19th September, 2018
  • Earth Week Celebration 16th April - 21st APril
  • Orientation for New Parents 2018-19 27th March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Class V) 23rd March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Pre Primary ) 20th March , 2018

Activity Reports (I & II)

Mother's Day Special

'Mother's hold their children's hand for a while, but their hearts forever.'
Learners made beautiful cards for their mother's and expressed their love and respect by writing messages for them on 8th May, 2018.



The assembly is a great way to bring the school together. It is a common place where each brings his offerings, the fruit of observation, awareness about the surroundings through role plays/skits, a place to get recognition of our achievements. Learners of class I C presented morning assembly on 26 April , 2018 on World Malaria Day . Awareness was spread among all to use mosquito repellants, to keep environment neat and clean .


Children’s Day

Students of classes I & II made cards for themselves showcasing their unique qualities and recited rhymes on 13.11 2017. Teachers at Happy Hours School take pride in appreciating the efforts of each and every child and made the little ones aware of the fact that each child is UNIQUE & SPECIAL in their own way.


Students of Class II A presented morning assembly on transport on 7.11.2017. They made their peers aware about the different kinds of vehicles used by community to commute from one place to another.

Care for Life

Students of class I D understood the meaning of 'Care' by planting saplings on 6.11.2017. The little gardeners learnt about the necessary conditions required for the growth and survival of the plant.

Peanut Chaat

The little chefs of Class II made crispy, healthy and yummy peanut chaat on 25.10.2017 The delicious snack was a combination of peanuts, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice , chaat masala and coriander leaves.



The students of Class I C presented the morning assembly on the theme -Table Manners on 24.10.2017. They explained their peers the different rules of etiquette used while eating


Corn Chaat

Younf Chefs of class I prepared healthy and nurtitious corn chaat using onions,tomayoes, chaat masala, salt and garnished with coriander leaves on 23.10.2017.

Festivity All Around

Students of classes Nursery - II decorated diyas, thali and candles as a part of Diwali celebrations on 13th and 16th October, 2017.





Students of class I A explained the importance of keeping our surroundings neat and tidy in the morning assembly. Rishit Bajaj was felicitated in the assembly for bagging 1st position in Rock Star Jalwa -2017 Season IX held on 2nd September 2017 at M.P.C.U. Shah Auditorium.


Learning by Doing

Students of Class II C were actively engaged in identifying similar and different objects from a group
of miscellaneous items.


Addition & Subtraction

A relay race was conducted where students of class I A had to solve the math questions based on addition and subtraction operation. The team which solved the questions correctly till the end was declared as the winner. The main objective of the activity was recapitulation of the two mathematical operations and students also learnt the importance of working in teams.


Scavenger Hunt!

Students of class II C played a game on September 1, 2017 where they were divided into different teams . They had to find flash cards of animals hidden in the play area. It was a recapitulation activity where all the students revised the concept in an activity way.


My Role model, My Inspiration

Students of class II C presented morning assembly on 'Teacher's Day'. They shared unique qualities of their favorite teachers. Students of classes I - II made cards and enacted like their teachers.


Role Enactment

Students of Classes I C and I D were dressed up as their favorite teachers on August 30, 2017 and spoke lines on them.

Learning is Fun

Students of classes I D and II A saw 3D Science modules on August 28, 2017 on parts of a plant.


Hands - On Activity

Students of class II C made abacus using ice cream stick, toothpicks and clay . They also represented 3-digit numbers by using balls made of clay on August 28, 2017.

Morning Assembly

Students of Class I D presented morning assembly on 'National Symbols' on August 22, 2017. The main objective was to make kids aware about our national symbols and their significance.


Morning Assembly

'Save Trees' was the theme of the morning assembly presented by students of class II A . Students drew attention of their peers by reciting poems on importance of trees. They also shared about different ways to conserve nature.



Exploring Nature

Students of classes I A & I D went for Nature Walk and collected different leaves. They segregated the leaves on the basis of their characteristics like size, shape ,etc.


Morning Assembly - Seasons

Students of Class II A presented the assembly on seasons. They shared the characterstics of diferent seasons and made their peers aware about the important points to be kept in mind during the summer season.


                                                                               Fitness TIme!
Yoga brings peace and solace to our minds. Students start their day by practising yoga exercises daily.

                                                                                    Photo Frame

Students of classes I & II made photo frames to be gifted to their mother on the occasion of Mother's Day.

                                                                                          Beat the Heat

Students of class I  made yummy summer drinks to beat the heat on July 3, 2017. Children also discussed about the food items they should eat to keep their body cool and clothes they should wear during this season.

                     Dough Disco

Students of classes I & II enjoyed molding dough and performing different actions like rolling, squeezing,etc. This activity strengthens the fine motor muscles of children which in turn will help to develop their writing skills.