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"Play is the work of the child."

Upcoming Events

  • Investiture Ceremony July 2018
  • Sanskriti Inter school Event August 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting(Kindergarten) 18th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (I & II) 19th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (III- V) 21st May, 2018
  • HHS Food Cafe 19th& 21st May, 2018
  • Red Color Day Celebration 11th May, 2018
  • Rain Dance (Kindergarten) 13th & 25th July
  • Yellow Color Day Celebration 20th July, 2018
  • Green Color Day Celebration 17th August, 2018
  • Blue Color Day Celebration 19th September, 2018
  • Earth Week Celebration 16th April - 21st APril
  • Orientation for New Parents 2018-19 27th March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Class V) 23rd March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Pre Primary ) 20th March , 2018

Activity Reports (III -V)


Students of classes V D and IV A presented morning assembly on the theme 'Importance of Family 'and 'Museums' respectively on 17th May, 2018. The message conveyed by them was that we should stay connected with our roots. The assembly ended with the felicitiation of the young winners of Inter School Judo Championship 2018 held at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura.


Club Activities

This Wednesday(16th May, 2018) curious learners of classes III - V discussed about the environmental issues and viewed an animated movie on the harmful effects of the UV rays in the movie club, made good use of pencil shavings by using them to make patterns, sharing of new words with different swar and vyanjan, the young scientists created mini garden using waste materials, the meaning of aesthetics was explained , videos of beautifully decorated rooms were shown ,the story writers of tomorrow were given opportunity to create stories with moral and narrate them in front of their peers so that they imbibe the art of story telling, taking care of family is the need of the hour and students of Care & Share club shared their views related to it, symmetry makes the world look beautiful , proportionate, learners identified and appreciated symmetry around them.




'Big Buildings with Small Hands, Child Labour should be Banned' and 'Creativity is thinking new things, Innovation is doing new things' was the theme of assembly conducted by students of III C and V C. Main points of discussion - child labour should not be encouraged, importance of innovation, meaning of science and technology.

                                                                                 Wednesday Activity

Learners made simple ground rules for their class and discussed the importance of the code of conduct to be followed during school hours.

                                                                                     Club Activities

Co-curricular activities supplement curricular activities and prepare the learners in the 'Art of Living and Working Together.' Learners got opportunity to showcase their talent by making beautiful cards using Art techniques, balloon was blown using baking soda and vinegar which led to chemical reaction in the Science Club, self-care plan was chalked out in Care n Share club for maintaining healthy lifestyle. Making people laugh is a very difficult job, learners of Theatre club played the role of different characters, Quiz on National symbols and Freedom Fighters in Quiz club ,in Ramanujan Club - degree clock was made using paper folding, lot of stress on vocabulary and tenses was laid in the English Oratory Club.


Olympiads 2018

Baseline test for English, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge and Computer Science was conducted for the learners of classes III to V today. The aim of the test was to gauge the previous knowledge of the learners. Multiple Choice questions were given to check student's competency.


Forgive, Forget, Learn the Lesson and Move Forward !
Learners of class V A presented a skit and explained their peers the power of forgiveness. It does not change the past but it does enlarge the future. The assembly ended with a thought 'Forgive to Forget.'

Club Activties

'The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.' Learners started their day on 2nd  May, 2018 by playing with numbers using different operations in the Ramanujan club; Cook a story was the theme of the activity in the oratory club where all learners were grouped and story was narrated by them on 'Honesty, Charity, Positive thinking, etc. ' ; the young change makers presented nukkad natak on women empowerment in the Hindi club; the budding artists explored different designs and patterns present in their surroundings in the Art club; the aspiring scientists made wind mill using ice cream sticks, paper glasses, etc. ; table manners - use of fork and spoon was demonstrated and explained to the chefs of tomorrow.


"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have"
Winston Churchill
Learners of class III D had spread awareness among their peers the importance of eating healthy food and living in clean environment. They also discussed about the contagious diseases.


Wednesday Activity

Origami, is the ancient art of paper folding. It enhances the spatial perception, logical and sequential thinking of learners. Students of classes III to V were engaged in creating objects/shapes/animals using origami sheet as it excited their other modalities of learning also.



The assembly is a great way to bring the school together. It is a common place where each brings his offerings, the fruit of observation, awareness about the surroundings through role plays/skits, a place to get recognition of our achievements. Learners of class III B presented morning assembly on 26 April , 2018 on  use of Golden words. Awareness was spread among all to use golden words with everyone as they are the little courtesies by which we keep the machine of life oiled and running sweetly.

Club Activities

Extracurricular activities provide a chance to learn real-life skills. It teaches children to learn the importance of planning, prioritising , develop creativity, communication skills and problem-solving. Today learners created stories on different themes in the English oratory club : It was raining heavily and I was without an umbrella, I returned from school and my mother was not at home, etc.; 2D shapes were used to make a clown/joker in Ramanujan club ; spoke on topics : "बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ " , "मेरी दिल्ली हरी दिल्ली" in Hindi club, in Theater club, they learnt new terminology related to theater, importance of civic sense in school was discussed as a group activity in the Civic Sense club, appreciation of beauty of nature was experienced by the learners in Aesthetics club by collecting the dry leaves and studying their structure, In science club, experiment to change the color of flowers was demonstrated and this triggered the scientific temperament in the young learners.



Students of Class III A presented morning assembly on 'Author's Day'(1.11.2017). They explained their peers - 'There is no friend as loyal as a book.' They recited rhymes and spoke about some famous authors.


Wednesday Activity

'Let the light of the heart engulf you'
Students of classes III to V were explained that meditation has the power to boost concentration, it gives the mind deep rest. It is an art of living which should be practised daily for experiencing a calm mind and stability within. This activity was conducted on 25th April, 2018.



Students of class IV D presented assembly on Rashtriya Ekta Diwas on 30.10.2017 to foster national unity among peers by reciting rhymes. The group also discussed the meaning & importance of unity.

Clubs- Foundation for Tomorrow

Students of Classes III - V were meaningfully engaged in activities/discussions during the club period on 25.10.2017. Clubs are a good medium through which students learn new skills and gain new experiences.



Students of class V D presented morning assembly on 'Rights of children'on 16.10.2017. They made their peers aware about their rights through a street play.




The students of Class I A presented morning assembly on Diwali on 12.10.2017. The message given by young ones - 'Celebrate this Diwali with sweets and diyas, not with crackers'




                                                                 Happy Hours Newspaper


Students of classes III - V made Happy Hours Newspaper highlighting the main events/achievements for the 
month of August.



The students of Class V C presented morning assembly on the theme - Importance of Girl Child on 11.10.2017. They enacted a skit to make their peers aware about the different roles of women in our society.


Special Assembly

Students of Class III A presented the assembly on the theme - 'Each One & Teach One' on September 6, 2017. They emphasised on the importance of reading books.


Special Assembly

Students of class IV D presented a special assembly - Teacher's Day on September 4, 2017. The main objective of the assembly was to pay tribute to all gurus who are enlightening the little minds.


My Role Model, My Inspiration

Students of classes III - V wrote letters to their favorite teachers who have inspired them the most on August 31, 2017.


Logo Designing

The SEC team of Happy Hours School arranged a logo designing activity for their 3 business activities.


Morning Assembly

'Forgive To Forget' - The main theme of assembly was presented by Class IV B on August 28, 2017. Students beautifully explained the theme through poem recitation and shared anecdotes about the importance of forgiving and forgetting. It may not change the past but gives future a chance.


Morning Assembly

Students of Class IV A presented morning assembly on the theme - 'National Sports Day'. To commemorate the birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand , every year August 29 is observed as National Sports day. Students were dressed up as different sports personalities and made peers about their achievements. The assembly concluded by explanation of the word - 'Teamwork.'



Hasya Kavita 

Hasya Kavita - Inter House Competition(Classes III - V) on August 23, 2017. Heartiest Congratulations to the winning students and their mentors. Result:

Class III 1st Position : Manya Bansal (III D) - Royal Challengers 2nd Position : Dhanvi (III B) - Super Kings 3rd Position : Shashank (III A) - Kinght Riders

Class IV 1st Position : Charvi (IV B) - Super Kings 2nd Position : Saransh (IV D) - Royal Challengers 3rd Position : Rijula (IV C) - Sunrisers

Class V 1st Position : Mohd. Maaz (V B) - Super Kings 2nd Position : Anish Raizada (V D) - Royal Challengers 3rd Position : Yash Shokeen(V A) - Kinght Riders

Morning Assembly

Students of Class III A presented morning assembly on July 24, 2017 on the theme - 'Nurture Nature.' They shared important ideas to conserve nature. They took a pledge to protect Mother Earth.

Students of class V D presented a skit on 'Kindness' on August 21, 2017 making everyone aware about the fact - small acts of kindness can bring a huge difference in someone's life.

Celebrating Courtesy

"Courtesy is a small act but it packs a mighty wallop"  Lewis Carroll Being courteous is a soft skill which each child should inculcate in his/her behavior. Students brainstormed on the use of golden words and other good habits to be adopted to enhance the courteous communication. They also made tree of good habits showcasing good manners and polite words on May 11, 2017 .  

Celebrating Happiness

"Happiness is a journey not a destination" The whole school celebrated the moments of joy and happiness on May 9, 2017. Children made "Thank You" cards for their parents, friends, teachers, helpers who brought a smile on their face.


Celebrating Respect

'Respect is not imposed nor begged. It's earned and offered' Students understood the importance of giving respect to elders, peers, animals and to the beautiful nature by participating in discussion. They also made wall hanging depicting the core value and its attributes.