KIIT World School


Upcoming Events

  • Investiture Ceremony July 2018
  • Sanskriti Inter school Event August 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting(Kindergarten) 18th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (I & II) 19th May, 2018
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (III- V) 21st May, 2018
  • HHS Food Cafe 19th& 21st May, 2018
  • Red Color Day Celebration 11th May, 2018
  • Rain Dance (Kindergarten) 13th & 25th July
  • Yellow Color Day Celebration 20th July, 2018
  • Green Color Day Celebration 17th August, 2018
  • Blue Color Day Celebration 19th September, 2018
  • Earth Week Celebration 16th April - 21st APril
  • Orientation for New Parents 2018-19 27th March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Class V) 23rd March, 2018
  • Graduation Day (Pre Primary ) 20th March , 2018

Classroom Code of Conduct

Classroom Code

Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn

► Arrive on time with correct material.

► Treat others and their property with respect.

► Maintain distance while talking to your fellow classmates. Physical touching, hitting or fighting is wrong. Indulgence into such practices will be taken as a serious offence which may lead to suspension.

►Listen when teacher is talking

► Work to the best of your ability

► Display your work on classroom board.

Your behaviour, values and sincerity will laso be monitored like your attendance and will be evaluated on 5-point scale and grades will reflect in final result sheet.


Library Rules 

Library is a silence zone. Students are expected to sit quietly wihtout causing disturbance to others.

Do not damage or lose books. If a book is lost, the student is expected to replace it with latest edition new book or pay double the amount of the printing cost of the book.

do not scribble on the books issued from library.

It is good to arrange the books on the shelves before leaving the library.

Make books your friends and don't tear them.

Try to take a different book every time you visit the library.

Attendance and Late Coming


Be int he school at 7:45 a.m. and reach your classroom.


Attendance timing is between 7:50 a.m. and 7:55 a.m. OR immediately after morning assembly.

Every period by subject teacher.

at the end of the day by class teacher

Minimum 75% attendance is a must for a student to appear int he assessment.

Final Assessment/promotion to the next class

Attendance will be monitored and evaluated on 5-point scale and the grade will reflect in the Result sheet.


Leave application must be submitted in advance.

School does not permit any short leave/half day leave except in case of emergencies on medical ground, with the due permisssion from school.

In case of leave on medical ground for more than two days, Medical Certificate should be submitted in the school.

In case a student is returning to school after suffering from any contagious disease must produce a doctor's Certificate of Fitness pemitting him/her to attend the school

A student suffering from disease like Chicken pox, Cholera, Measles,Mumps, ehooping cough, Jaundice, Dengue etc. must observe the prescribed period of quarantine as recommended by the doctor.

Re-exam will not be taken if absent on assessment day which may result in dropping of grades.

Late Coming

Each late arrival in school is recorded and may result in lower grades in discipline.

If you are late on regular basis, it will be investigated by the teacher incharge and your parents may be called to send you back home.